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The 2023 Season is Here!

We're starting the season on July 1st with lots of exciting news for the adventures!

Highlights to come for 2023:

We've added a kayak to our fleet so you can bring more with you on your river trip!

We're getting seasonal storage at our check in so operations will run even smoother for a better experience!

We've added trackers to our rafts and kayaks which notify us when you're getting close to the take out so we'll know when to expect you and have your shuttle ready for pick up!

We created a community forum on our website so you can organize river trips with others in the community!

We're working on getting a food truck to join us at check in so you can have great local cuisine after your river adventure!

We're hosting The River Shelter Race Event and Festival on September 9th to raise funds for Unity Shelter's transitional micro shelters used for community members experiencing homelessness.

We're excited to start our second season as Willamette Tides! This season wouldn't have been possible without the community showing such great support for us! Thank you so much for your support! We can't wait to meet you on the water!

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