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The Adventure Begins!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Welcome to Willamette Tides!

We’re a veteran and family-owned small business hoping to share some fun and adventure with the community.

Our Beginnings

We‘ve always been an adventurous family. We love to explore and have our next big discovery planned before the current one ends. A few of my favorite adventures were of us standing up to a great Redwood, hiking the rim of Canyon De Chelly, getting face to face with a bison at Yellowstone, looking out to the sea from the White Cliffs of Dover, paddling in Sarasota Bay with dolphins, and exploring Antelope Canyon by kayak and paddle board.

My wife is the best partner for an adventure and so I'm very fortunate for her to have my back on this next one I hope to share with you all, Willamette Tides.

Path to the Outdoors

Over the years we've paddled many of the western states' rivers and lakes and some of the best trips we've taken were with river shuttle and float companies. From those experiences and having grown up floating the Willamette River, I saw the opportunity to share that experience on the Willamette.

Most obstacles for having adventure on the water occur in logistics. That’s what we take care of at Willamette Tides. We have the best equipment for you loaded up with our shuttle ready to go on a beautiful section of the Willamette River.

We look forward to the coming season and can’t wait for this adventure with you!

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