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A New Bridge Reconnecting Corvallis

The Van Buren Bridge in Corvallis will be replaced this summer with a new 2 lane bridge constructed with a protected pedestrian-bicycle path. The existing bridge was found to be structurally unsound and requiring replacement. As a result vehicle weight limits were restricted to 12 tons while plans were made to design a safe path across the Willamette.

The Van Buren bridge is a steel swing span bridge meaning it actually has the capability to swing along a horizontal plane and allow large boats passage. The last time the bridge operated for a boat to pass was in 1960 and is now no longer operable.

The third oldest bridge on the Willamette River holds 110 years of history in its rivets but not all will be lost in its replacement. Design concepts for the new bridge plan to commemorate Oregon's last pin connected truss bridge that dates back to 1913.

The new bridge will also provide safe passage over the river for vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians. The intersection will also see improvements with a new traffic light.

For more information on the bridge's design and construction see our work cited below.

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